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3 to 4 sessions
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When we experience trauma or emotional wounding that we cannot fully process, we are left with trapped emotions in our energy field. These emotions often become a part of a defense mechanism that energetically forms a "wall" around our heart, the seat of our soul. This wall is a coping mechanism designed to guard our vulnerable true self from further harm. This wall, while intended to protect, also energetically blocks us from open reception of love, limits our ability to experiences of joy and confidence and exiles our best qualities. Not everyone has a heart wall, but if you do, removal of the heart wall often leads to increased sense of inner peace and joy and is often a foundational boost for all healing.


If you are wondering where to start with your healing experience, this is often the most powerful place. A simple test can be done to determine if a heart wall exists or not prior to signing up for a heart wall removal.  I will perform the test and send the results via email. It usually takes 3-4 sessions using the energy psychology techniques of Emotion Code and Reiki energy healing sessions to completely remove all trapped emotions from a heart wall. We will have one 30 minute coaching session upon completion of the heart wall where I will introduce you to the Emotion Code and how to make sure your heart wall stays clear.

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