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Hi. My name is Leslie Fye. I am a mental health counselor, a Master Reiki Healer & Teacher, a certified Emotion Code & Body Code Practitioner, an EFT practitioner, & a certified life coach with a specialty in spiritual fitness. I created this website to help myself & others deepen the connection to a spiritual path in everyday life.  

This site is designed to be a spiritual fitness resource with thoughts on healing yourself & your community by sharing the energy of love versus the energy of fear. My intention is to honor & be respectful of all spiritual paths & practices. What you will find here is based on my experience as a healer & often my own journey toward peace & joy. Please know, it is not comprehensive of all paths & is not intended to replace or circumvent the advice or services of your mental health or medical practitioners. 

I hope you will find something useful to your personal growth journey whether you:

  • follow our daily inspiration shares on social media

  • sign up for self-help as a reader of the Love Big. Big Love. blog or

  • invest in energy psychology & spiritual fitness coaching services 

With Big Love to You!


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