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Love Big. Big Love. SERVICES

Developing and trusting your own intuition and connection to the Divine is key to spiritual fitness. Sign up for any of our services to help you grow that connection. 

7 days of big love

7 Days of Big Love is a group program designed to give affordable access to remote energy healing and spiritual fitness coaching services. 7 Days of Big Love focuses on a new topic each week. Services include daily remote energy healing sessions with accompanying spiritual fitness coaching tips sent via email or accessed through the Spaces app by Wix. No in-person participation is required. Access to a private online group via the Spaces App by Wix is available for those who wish to participate in a 7 Days of Big Love community.

Individual Services

Individual healing sessions are offered in packages of 4 weekly appointments as it often takes several sessions to get to the root of an issue. Services include Reiki, Body Code, Emotion Code, Easy Entity Release, Healing Remembered Principles & Emotion Freedom Technique.

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