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Energy healing is a spiritual discipline that promotes mental, emotional, and physical healing. My practice is based on the belief that everything is energy. Our bodies are energy; our thoughts are energy, & our emotions are energy. At the core of my practice is the belief that God (please substitute any term you prefer to use in reference to what you believe is the Divine) is the power source that fills and connects this energy. Through this source of power, we are way more connected than our culture teaches us, thus allowing energy healing modalities to take place in person or remotely with appropriate permission and intention. This energy can be fueled by the energy of Love or it can be grounded in the energy of Fear. Unfortunately, our world currently schools us in the energy of fear. Fear-based energy can get trapped in our bodies and minds and create imbalances that exacerbate (and I believe can often be the cause of) physical and emotional issues. Energy psychology and healing modalities facilitate the release of imbalances in the body, mind and spirit and support healing.  Energy psychology and healing cannot and should not replace professional medical and mental health diagnosis and treatment. However, it can compliment and enhance professional medical and mental health treatment.

My personal experience with energy healing is the reason I decided to pursue training & create this website. In 2017 I returned to a regular practice of Reiki as a beautiful, kinesthetic way to ground myself in a daily meditation. In my journey to developing my own spiritual fitness routine, I was introduced to someone who practiced the Emotion Code. At the time, I was struggling with debilitating hip flexor issues. Chiropractic care and physical therapy helped, but did not provide permanent relief. The emotion code practitioner worked on my hips (remotely) and released trapped emotions around fear of change and previous trauma. The results were stunning and permanent! Eventually, I decided to get certified myself and began doing some of my own healing. My goals was to get off of medication for anxiety and depression, which I had been on for years. I have extensively participated in my own mental health therapy over the years and made so many changes in my life. Regardless of the progress professional counseling provided for me, I was unable to get off and stay off medication without anxiety returning. Energy healing was the tool I needed to completely heal. It was a process, but it worked for me. I have not taken an antidepressant in over 3 years after taking  medication off and on for 20 years. Since then I have pursued certification in several modalities of healing and am continuing to grow and learn.


In whatever modality I use, I aspire to utilize the Energy of Love. The Energy of Love is Divinely guided & available to each of us. I hope that anyone who seeks my assistance in healing some aspect of their life will become empowered by the practice of the energy healing work we do together. I seek to inspire & encourage clients to develop their own practice & learn how to promote healing in themselves & those around them.


Reiki is a Japanese spiritual practice of energy healing created by Dr. Mikao Usui in 1922. The word Reiki is a combination of the Japanese words “Rei,” meaning Divine wisdom, & “Ki,” meaning universal life force. This concept of a Divinely wise life force energy is repeated in belief systems around the world and throughout history. Some examples include the Christian practice of laying on of hands, the use of Chi energy in Traditional Chinese medicine, Prana in Vedic & Hindu religions & Mana in Polynesia - among others. I view the practice of Reiki as the opportunity to share & expand the energy of Divine Love. This energy is available to us all. Reiki is a tool that allows & enhances one’s ability to access the energy & focus it in an intentional way, allowing the God to drive healing rather than man. The practice of Reiki promotes relaxation & enhances the body’s natural healing responses by washing out the energy of fear & infusing our bodies with the energy of Divine, Christ-like Peace & Love. Reiki is not ascribed to a religion. You may hold any belief system & practice Reiki.

What is the Body Code & Emotion Code?

The Body Code & Emotion Codes are energy healing practices that employ the meridian system used in Chinese medicine, the use of intention & magnetic energy to clear energetic imbalances. It was developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson in 2009 after 20 plus years of experience as a chiropractor & practitioner of alternative methods of healing. The Body & Emotion Code seek to identify imbalances in the physical, emotional & energetic body using the practice of muscle testing & release the imbalance using the energy of a healing intention (energy of thought), the help of our Creator (spiritual energy) & a magnet (physical energy).  The Emotion Code is a subset of the Body Code that focuses on releasing trapped emotions from our body, which often contribute to both physical & mental illness or imbalances.

What is emotional freedom technique (eft) or tapping?

EFT is an energy psychology modality based on combining elements of exposure therapy (revivifying an emotion or thought) with the practice of tapping on acupressure points based on the Chinese medicine and the meridian system. The EFT methods ascribed to on this website are not intended to replace EFT as practiced by a licensed mental health provider. The methods used here are for palliative tapping, which is more appropriate for coaching clients versus clearing individual trauma, which is better treated in professional therapy.

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