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Personal Intentions

Why are they Important & How do I set them?

Personal Intentions are the goals we set written in the form of a positive affirmation. Prior to your first session, we ask that you send up to 3 positive intentions for what you want to change in your life. You may choose to write less than 3 intentions, but please no more than three. Simplicity will support repetition, and repetition is everything in forming new habits and new patterns of energy.

Composing Your Personal Intentions


Framing sessions with positive intentions ensures that you focus on what you DO want, versus what you DON’T want. Most of us have subconscious negative thoughts about what we don’t like about ourselves or our lives.  Stating goals in a positive context helps to reverse deep-seated habits of negative thinking (Habit of Fear) and sets you on a path to visualizing and believing in your positive goals. (Habit of Love).



Why turn goal statements into positive affirmations? Writing your goals in the form of an affirmation is an intervention that helps shrink negative thoughts and feelings about who you are (Habit of Fear) and replaces them with positive thoughts and feelings about who you are (Habit of Love). This strengthens this new positive sense of yourself as you work toward your goal.

Love Big. Big Love. - No Fear - Personal Intentions - Habit of Fear
Love Big. Big Love. - Heart Shaped Window - Personal Intentions - Habit of Love

Creating your Personal Intentions are easy!

Follow these 5 steps to make the most of our sessions

1.  Write your intentions out.

This helps reinforce the learning kinesthetically (the action of writing), verbally (as you hear yourself say them in your mind's eye), and visually (you see what you write). Keep them by your bed and read immediately upon rising and again as you settle in for the night when your brain waves are in a theta state.


2. Keep each intention focused on the positive change you want to experience in your life.

Example: decrease depression and/or increase happiness

3. Use “I am” statements. Keep them relatively short - 1 to 2 sentences.

For extra reinforcement of your intention, attach a positive feeling to the intention to help you embody it emotionally.

Example: I am so grateful to be free of depression. OR

I am so delighted to feel happiness in my life on a regular basis.

4. Write intentions in a way that activates them in the present by writing as if it is happening now as opposed to in the future.

Example: I am so delighted to feel happy on a regular basis VERSUS I will feel happy on a regular basis.

5. Affirm only what you want to manifest or change in your life. Keep them positive & absent of negative words like don’t, not, etc.

Example:  I am so grateful to be free of depression VERSUS I am so grateful I am not depressed.​

** If you are writing intentions for a 7 Days of Big Love week, you may write intentions for things you want to change in your life in general OR you may write intentions focused on what you want to change as it relates the 7 Days of Big Love topic you are participating in. There is no wrong. The energy healing on the topic we are focused on works whether your personal intentions reflect its theme or not. It is really about what you desire to reinforce on a regular basis in your conscious mind for the next 7 days.**

Personal Intentions Form

Personal Intentions

Describe your Personal Intentions here!
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Great work on your Personal Intentions! I am looking forward to helping you implement positive changes in your life. Be in touch soon!

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