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intuition coaching

30 minute sessions
Follow up email support (when requested)
$ 25
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So many of the issues that cause problems in our lives are generated by a lack of trust in ourselves. Our culture is very grounded in the scientific model that emphasizes the rational, measurable and analytical world of right and wrong. While great advances have been made due to this model, we have lost the connection to our intuitive and emotional senses. Coaching sessions will focus on helping you unblend from the rational mind and fear based thinking and connect with that still small voice within. As you grow in trusting your intuition, you will feel an increased sense of self and ability to trust your own instincts. This helps to diminish fears and also helps us trust others.


This service offers 30 minute coaching sessions via Zoom where I learn about the ways you naturally access your intuition and help you grow and build on your skills. Follow up emails (if you choose those) will serve as accountability and communication around your experiences & may include a few spiritual fitness tips.

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