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Intuition Coaching
Heart Wall

When we experience trauma or emotional wounding that we cannot fully process, we are left with trapped emotions in our energy field that wall off the best parts of ourselves. Includes one 3-4 distance healing sessions to remove it and one 30 minute coaching session to discuss how to keep it clear.

EFT (Tapping)

You will learn how to use an energy psychology tool called EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) also popularly known as "Tapping" to decrease bothersome emotions and behaviors using common exposure therapy skills combined with tapping of acupressure points.

One Issue

This package focuses on one life issue of your choosing defined by you in an email prior to our first session. It includes an initial 30 Zoom session followed by 3 distance energy healing sessions with follow up coaching emails.

Spiritual Fitness


Designed to assess overall spiritual fitness & identify any energy imbalances - this package includes 5 weekly distance energy healing sessions coupled with 2 spiritual fitness coaching sessions.

Developing and trusting our own intuition is key to spiritual fitness. Sign up for 30 minute coaching sessions to help you develop your intuition. 

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